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Successful Tips to Promote Your Video Content

You should learn to create and promote your video content online to gain more traffic and boosts sales on your website. Learning how to promote video online can help you move ahead and reach your goals. All you need is a checklist or an article that will provide you with successful tips to promote your video online.

promote your video online
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We’ve seen how video suddenly reached its peak during the pandemic. People spend most of their time watching videos from different content creators and brands. But videos are not new to marketing professionals. 

Before the pandemic, people have been consuming videos daily at a fast rate. It was only exacerbated with the lockdowns and restrictions. Now, even though people are allowed to go out, video is still the most preferred content by most internet users.

Marketing professionals are investing more in creating videos. Together with other marketing strategies, video is now part of their plan. So, you as a small business owner should learn to utilize these tips to promote your video online.

Benefits of Video as Content

Make You Visible

With the increased number of viewers of video content, there is no doubt that it can drive traffic to your website. As more people notice you, the more visible you become. When people share or engage with your videos, the more they can spread the word about your business. Being visible helps you rank higher on search engines.

Get More Social Media Engagement

Once you get noticed, people will follow you. They’ll want to learn more about the business behind that video they saw online. That’s when people will search for your social media accounts. As more traffic goes to your social media platforms, more engagement happens there. Coincidentally, higher social media engagement has an indirect effect on SEO ranking.

Effective Mobile Marketing Strategy

More people are using mobile devices to search online. Whether they are looking for something to buy or for entertainment, people are always on their phones. Videos are the most consumed content online on mobile devices. Therefore, creating videos to market your brand can help a great deal.

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness can keep your business alive. You want people to recognize and remember you when they need something. What better way to build brand awareness than through video content. Since most people are watching videos, it’s best to show your business in the form of content they prefer. In that way, they can be entertained and understand your brand.

Ranks High on Search Engine

Besides traffic coming from social media, videos are recommended by search engines if someone asks a question. Posting optimized videos on your website can drive more traffic to your website, which can end up boosting website sales.

Having seen the benefits of video marketing, you will want to create one now. That’s great! In fact, we want you to create videos to boosts your business. 

Video creation takes up time and effort. That’s why you have to plan your strategy carefully. You don’t necessarily need to create a video production as extravagant as that of a Hollywood film. A simple, relevant, and meaningful video will sell. 

When investing in video marketing, you’ll need tools like video editing software (our recommendations: Pinnacle Studio, Adobe Premiere Elements, or Wondershare Filmora), a camera, lighting, and a script. Keep this in mind to start your video process.

After the video filming and editing process, what are you about to do?

Tips to Successfully Promote Your Video Online

Now that you are done filming and editing your video, it’s time to market it online. But how?

When you promote your video, it’s not the same as how other marketing strategies for images, blogs, and podcasts work.

To promote your video, here’s what you should consider.

Focus on Content That Tells Story

Create videos that are not trying to sell a product to your audience. 

People like to watch videos that add value to them. They want content that tells stories to build community and connect with. 

Videos like how customers were before knowing your brand, how your business started, and so on are the content people like to see.

Keep in mind that your video shouldn’t be too short or too long. It should be enough to tell the story of your business. Make sure from the first second to the last, your audience is still interested.

Use an Interesting Thumbnail

A video thumbnail is the most valuable part of video marketing. It either drives people to play or not play your content. 

People look at thumbnails to gauge if the video they are about to watch is worth it or a waste of time. Therefore, make sure to use images that tell what your video is all about without giving out everything.

Thumbnail is sort of a teaser that would spark an interest on the viewers’ end. 

Here are simple tips we can offer, so you can choose a thumbnail to promote your video.

  • Use related images
  • Add text on your thumbnail
  • Optimize for different screen sizes
  • Keep it simple
  • Add people with emotions
  • Use animated thumbnails
  • Insert branding
  • Choose attractive and appropriate colors

Insert Video Thumbnail on Email Marketing Strategy

Yes, you’ve read that correctly. Add a video thumbnail to your email and not the whole video. Adding an entire video to your email can cause some technical issues. That’s why thumbnails are enough.

There are tools you can use to help embed a video into your email. It will allow you to show your video thumbnail for your audience to click on your content.

Email marketing is an effective way to drive your leads to watch your video content. The people you send your email to are potential leads or previous customers. Sending them an email as such can increase the conversion rate and returning customers. 

Emails with the word “Video” on their subject line are more likely to be clicked. Adding a video thumbnail to your email list can increase engagement on the content.

Optimize your Videos

Like blog posts, videos should be optimized to show up on search engines. Google indexes YouTube videos on their search engine result page.

If you want your video content to appear on the top of searches, make sure to optimize it.

Here are steps on how you can optimize your content:

  • Use a catchy title. It must be less than 60 characters for the YouTube platform. On your title, be sure to add the keywords that you plan to use and are relevant to your content.
  • The same goes for your description. Add keywords relevant to your video on your description box. However, make sure it looks natural.
  • Add tags that are related to keywords and video.
  • Optimize videos for mobile users
  • Add links and call to action

Promote Your Video with Paid Campaigns

Running paid campaigns on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook won’t strip your bank off. In fact, you have the freedom to control the budget and target audience.

With a small amount of money, you can start your campaign by setting the budget, time frame of the campaign, and target audience. Having the freedom to control everything helps you drive more sales.

Make sure you have studied your brand’s traffic and potential customers. You’ll get an idea of who you can target your ads. 

No matter what your budget is, using campaigns properly will bring in more views to your videos.

Share Your Videos on Social Media Platforms

With billions of active social media users, sharing your video content can reach a large audience. 

You can join communities related to your industries or group that are relevant to your business. You can share your videos with those groups to reach more viewers.

Follow the protocols required for each social media platform and add the option to share your videos to other channels. If people share your content, it will gain more exposure. Therefore, increasing views and driving more relevant traffic.

Collaborate with Influencers and Other Businesses

Collaboration with established influencers and businesses can drive convertible traffic to your website. Working with others within your industry can help grow your viewers and traffic.

Since most people believe what other people say when it comes to product recommendations, influencer marketing is effective. But, be sure to work with influencers within your niche. Don’t choose someone popular that has nothing to do with what you promote.

Optimize Your Video for Mobile Devices

The increase in mobile device users means content posted by businesses is mostly viewed on these devices. Optimizing your videos for smartphones can increase the number of clicks.

Here are ways you can optimize your video for mobile users.

  • Change the resolution of your video to fit a square orientation. Square videos take up 78% of a mobile’s screen, which makes your content stand out among others.
  • Keep videos short
  • Add caption and subtitles for those who watch videos in mute.
  • Add text

Create Teasers

Teasers are a way to drive traffic to your website. By sharing teasers or clips of your video on your social media account, people will get intrigued. 

Giving people a snippet of your content will force them to click on the link to view the complete video.

The best place to post snippets is on Instagram and Facebook Stories. Stories get plenty of exposure due to their placement on these platforms. They are the first thing people see. So, they click on it.

Interact with Your Audience

Responding to comments, liking what people have to say, and listening to their suggestions are a few ways to interact with your viewers. Establishing an emotional connection with your viewers is not only done with the help of your content. Communicating with them will make your business more human, which people prefer.

Add a Call to Action

Adding a clear call to action on your video will direct your customer where you want them to go. CTA is an effective way to meet your goal. You can gain leads, sales, or traffic.

Add a CTA while the video is playing, in the end, on the description, or the caption. You can also include a share button on other platforms.

Use Live Videos

As much as recorded videos are working out, live videos drive traffic more than expected. 

People like live videos because it feels real and people like communicating with others in real-time.

There is plenty of content you can create with live videos. You can announce an event or giveaway, interview someone known, host a live celebration, demos, and more.

The best platforms for promoting live videos are on YouTube and Facebook. In fact, Facebook encourages its users to post more live content.


Meeting your marketing goals means you need to promote your video content with much dedication. With plenty of competition online, you have to create unique and appealing content for your potential audience. Furthermore, you have to implement the tips we have written in this article. Use them wisely to help you with your marketing plans and strategies.

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