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social media threats you need to know

Social Media Threats You Need to Know

Social media threats are rising as the number of users increases. With millions of active users, there is no doubt cyber criminals find ways to manipulate people or hack into accounts. These networks are ways for people to communicate with their loved ones and share moments with others. Social media channels are also rich in business accounts. It brings customers and businesses together, even making it easy for people to buy online. However, as much as we think that social media [...]

How to Protect Your Child From Online Threats

How to Protect Your Child from Online Threats

The internet is full of harmful content that teens, tweens, and school-aged children can see. Most of the time, kids accidentally encounter online threats. It is because they lack knowledge, the presence of malicious hackers and scammers, and less protection. With the increase in mobile device users, you cannot ask your kids to stop using them. Also, with the ongoing pandemic, children are still staying at home and using devices to connect online to study and do their homework. So, what [...]