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Successful Tips to Promote Your Video Content

You should learn to create and promote your video content online to gain more traffic and boosts sales on your website. Learning how to promote video online can help you move ahead and reach your goals. All you need is a checklist or an article that will provide you with successful tips to promote your video online. via Pixabay We’ve seen how video suddenly reached its peak during the pandemic. People spend most of their time watching videos from different [...]

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Effective Video Marketing Strategies for 2021

Video marketing has been around for a while, and it is not going away anytime soon. In recent reports, video is one of the most consumed forms of content online, whether it’s watching a video on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and so on. The amount of users consuming video is surprising. People view more than 1 billion hours of video each day on YouTube. That’s quite a lot, and it’s only on YouTube. How much more if we consider videos from other [...]

get hired now! how to make a compelling video resume like a pro

Get Hired Now! How to Make a Compelling Video Resume like a Pro

Video resume like a pro that gets you hired may be an unfamiliar strategy, but it gives you an edge as you apply. Making a compelling video resume like a pro can help you boost your employment chances. It can make hiring managers and employers prioritise your application. That is a great advantage at a time when so many workers are entering the remote scene. The recent pandemic that has caught the world by surprise has upended our lives in [...]

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