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The use of SOFTVIRE website is regulated by the following terms and conditions. Please read our policies carefully to be informed. When utilizing this website, ordering software, and other products and services, you agree to accept and follow the terms and conditions (which will be now referred to as “Agreement”). If you do not agree or want to accept the terms and conditions discussed below, please do not proceed to take any action or submit an order/s on this website.

This agreement displaces any prior terms and conditions concerning the subject matter if any is included in a purchase order, invoices, contracts, or any methods of communication, and if such terms and conditions are in written form, either or not the terms and conditions are authorized by SOFTVIRE.

SOFTVIRE has the right to make any changes on the website and on this agreement anytime, with or without prior notice. Modifications will be active on the first date of publication on this website.

Limited Site Access and Rights

SOFTVIRE e-grants restricted access to the website for the utilization of personal use. Any commercial use, resale of website and its content, use of any product listings, descriptions, and prices. Any copying and downloading of information for the benefit of Publishers or Suppliers, or the use of similar data mining or gathering and extraction tools is prohibited.

SOFTVIRE website users are banned from modifying or downloading any part of the website, except when page caching and has written approval of SOFTVIRE. Any part of the website is not allowed to be reprinted, sold, duplicated, copied, visited, resold, or exploited for commercial use without the permission of SOFTVIRE. Without the written approval of SOFTVIRE, you are not allowed to utilize framing techniques to confine trademark, logo, or propriety information (includes images, text, page layout, and form) of SOFTVIRE and its affiliates.

In addition, any “hidden text” or Meta tags using SOFTVIRE’s trademark or name is not permitted without acquiring permission from SOFTVIRE. When the website’s information is used illegally, it terminates the permission or rights given by SOFTVIRE. So as long as you do not portray SOFTVIRE, its associates, and services in a misleading, derogatory, and offensive manner, you are permitted with a limited, nonexclusive, and revocable right to hyperlink to the home page of SOFTVIRE.

The use of any SOFTVIRE logo, proprietary graphic, and trademark as part of the link without specific written consent is prohibited.

Information Displayed at SOFTVIRE

SOFTVIRE’s information, text, advice, and other materials on the website (“SOFTVIRE Information”) is written and provided for the user’s convenience. Be aware the SOFTVIRE Information might contain some errors, inaccuracies, omissions, and outdated content.

No descriptions or warranties as to the accuracy, adequacy, currency, and reliability of information shall hold SOFTVIRE accountable for any damages from the lack of preceding. Descriptions and references of products and publications on the website do not stipulate the endorsement of that product of SOFTVIRE.

SOFTVIRE is not involved in providing legal, accounting, and other professional advice. Confidence in the descriptions and references are taken at your own risk. For counseling or need of other professional assistance, seek out services from competent individuals.

Order Acceptance Policy

Your receipt of an electric confirmation or other forms of confirmation does not oblige SOFTVIRE to accept orders, nor does it confirm the offer of selling. SOFTVIRE reserves the right to refuse, limit order, and accept for any reason at any time after taking the order, and whether a credit card has been charged or not. If the order has been canceled by your credit card has been charged, you will get a quick refund credit into your account. All orders for over $10,000 need a pre-approval with an adequate method of payment as confirmed by our fraud and credit avoidance policy. We may require further verifications and information before accepting or receiving any order.

SOFTVIRE is subject to implement any change in the price and availability of software and other products and services on the website without notice. Confidence in information, availability of software, services, and products on SOFTVIRE is taken at your own risk. SOFTVIRE is not liable for any lack of accessibility of products, software, and services on orders taken on the website.

Limitation of Liability and Disclaimer

SOFTVIRE takes no warranties or representations, potentials, of any kind concerning the software or hardware, SOFTVIRE information, services, products, materials offered, sold or displayed on the SOFTVIRE website under applicable law, SOFTVIRE disclaims all warranties, express of any kind, on the products including warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular, purpose, and non-infringement.

You agree that SOFTVIRE, its directors, officers, consultants, agents, employees, and other representatives (“service providers”) shall not be responsible for any damage, expense, or loss of any kind resulting from your hold or use of the products, under any obligations or any action or inaction of any publishers of the products, regardless of whether such accountability is based in tort, contract, or otherwise in no event, shall SOFTVIRE or either of its service providers be answerable to you for any implied, special, consequential, incidental or punitive damages including but not limited to, profits or loss, corruption of data, loss of goodwill, work stoppage, computer failure, loss of employees, or interruption of business on the products. SOFTVIRE website generally, or otherwise in connection with this agreement, regardless of whether SOFTVIRE or any of its service providers has been warned about the probability of such damages.

If the preceding limitations are held to be unenforceable, the maximum accountability of SOFTVIRE and its service providers if the fees paid shall not exceed the amount of the products or services you have ordered through the SOFTVIRE website, the preceding of limitations may not apply in jurisdictions where the exclusion of liability for certain damages is not allowed, in this case, such jurisdictions the applicable law apply to this agreement.

Information Collected at SOFTVIRE Website

To server business needs in an adequate and productive manner, it requires for SOFTVIRE to know your valuable contact information such as name, mailing address, email address, and if appropriate, credit card information such as number and expiration date of your care, so that we can process and carry out your orders. Data-saving feature saves your time, which would keep you from accomplishing the order form more than once. We might request additional information but you can choose not to provide the extra information. However, certain products and services would not be available to you without providing the necessary information.

We might ask for your feedback on our website or interest so that we can tailor your business needs to enhance our website and services. In addition, the information we collect from you for processing and meeting your orders, we monitor track usage of our website, viewing and customer behavior, traffic patterns, and other related knowledge. We use such information for administrative purposes only including how to improve our website, service offerings, our product, and our operations, and our customer services. We might also consider your personal information from time to time to send you a special offer on new or existing products, services, and promotions, or other similar information.