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the benefits of artificial intelligence in digital marketing

The Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing

artificial intelligence and digital marketing relationship
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Technology is the most valuable asset businesses must-have. It becomes the center of every organization, as it improves sales and makes lives comfortable. One of the most used and constantly growing technologies is Artificial Intelligence (AI).

AI has brought convenience in multiple industries and ordinary daily lives. It even gets better and faster as developers improve the algorithm and capabilities of AI. Now, AI is part of every industry, including digital marketing.

Without AI and its continual improvement, the marketing world would remain in the dark. Professionals will sort to manual planning and gathering of data. It will take time to see if their strategies work, and traditional marketing is even more expensive.

But with the advancement of technology and the introduction of AI, digital marketing professionals have seen the light. Gone are manual surveys of data and the creation of strategies. It even provides professionals with more channels to market their brand. Furthermore, it is more affordable than traditional marketing.

Relationship of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing

In the past, Artificial Intelligence wasn’t recognized by most marketing professionals. They were hesitant to use it as part of their strategy. Now, marketers couldn’t proceed to analyze data and use it on campaign making without AI.

Let’s take Amazon as an example. The company uses artificial intelligence to deliver personalized recommendations to customers. AI will gather data of the shopper from their previous searches, purchases, and views. Then, they will suggest products that they may find interesting. This strategy can increase the chances of selling a product.

Artificial Intelligence can also improve sales by automatically adjusting prices based on demand and competition. 

Digital marketing has improved, and professionals find using AI as part of their work beneficial and convenient. Without AI, marketers will struggle and find it difficult to cope with the demands of the public.

Maybe it’s about time to adopt the latest technology for your business and marketing strategy. Here are the benefits you can get when using artificial intelligence as part of your digital marketing team.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence on Digital Marketing

Create Personalize Ads and Recommendations

Gone are the days when people respond to everything they see online. Now, people want the recommendation of things they are interested in and available in their area.

Receiving content that is not based on the consumers’ interest will only make them annoyed. They will even dislike the business that keeps sending them messages they don’t want. Furthermore, consumers are more likely to switch brands if they find that a company doesn’t provide personalized content and recommendations.

In a survey conducted by Accenture, 91% of consumers have said that they prefer to shop on a business that provides them personalized content and recommendations.

Businesses can only achieve such when they integrate AI into their marketing strategies. AI helps marketers create personalized content and recommendations for individuals instead of generalized ads.

Artificial intelligence works by analyzing the behavior of each customer. AI gathers a customer’s previous interaction with the brand, such as past purchases and searches. Then, marketers use this information to create content based on the interest of the individual. This technique can drive more traffic and conversion.

If you browse through an e-commerce shop where you have an account, you can see that the website suggests items you are interested in. That’s how AI works, giving consumers what they want.

With AI, you’ll be able to get more sales, as 80% of consumers are more likely to buy when a brand personalizes their experience.

Manages Customer Services

For organizations to improve their sales, build brand awareness, and retain loyal customers, they should offer more than quality products. If businesses want to survive, they need to provide excellent customer service.

According to Dimensional Research, 39% of customers will avoid a company for two years after a bad experience. Furthermore, 4 out of 10 customers will recommend others not to visit a business with poor customer service.

That is why it is vital to focus on improving your business’s customer service department.

Unless you hire remote employees to work 24/7 for your company, a small business cannot afford such. The best way to interact with customers frequently and faster is by using AI.

Chatbots are the most used AI technology in the customer service and sales department. It is a technology that answers frequently asked questions or anything they are programmed to answer. Chatbots provide faster responses to consumers’ queries. They are even available 24/7 without the need to pay a high cost.

But remember, chatbots won’t remove human agents. They will work as the first line, answering simple questions. But if it becomes complicated, they turn it over to a person.

You can satisfy your customers by providing quick answers to their questions. Also, chatbots are becoming more intelligent as developers are programming them to have more human-like knowledge.

Aside from answering queries, chatbots can even make sales by recommending products to customers based on their interests.

Dynamic Pricing

AI can adjust the prices of products depending on the availability, demand, and even customer profile. It can provide sales on items needed by most or offer discounts on items.

If you ever visited a site to cart an item, then check on it the next day, and it’s another price means the shop uses an AI tech to manage the changes in prices.

Processing Big Data

Data is crucial at this time. Businesses need data to proceed with their marketing campaigns and other strategies. But not every organization knows how to handle its data.

Although organizations collect them, they do not know how to use the data. Moreover, organizations store plenty of information that is duplicated and out of date.

With the integration of AI, there is software that can work on these data by reducing errors and duplications.

AI will understand the data, process them, and provide detailed reports on it. Also, AI can gather the latest trends and patterns. Then, it’ll correlate it with the customer data and give an understandable result to the marketing team to use for their campaigns.

Creates Content

Content can make sales, such as images, videos, blog posts, and more.

The most consumed content is video. That is why video editing software programs like Movavi Video Editor or Adobe Premiere Elements incorporate AI to help edit video faster and better.

But that doesn’t mean content like blog posts and images aren’t effective. In fact, there are 409 million people who view more than 20 billion pages in a month. That’s why content marketing can still thrive in the coming years.

Most businesses don’t invest in content marketing due to the difficulty of producing content that is personalized for their viewers. But now, companies can post on their website interesting content.

AI can create sophisticated content like it has been written by a human. Using AI content creation software can speed up the process of creation, make new stories, and even write captions.

It can even create clickbait titles or content to generate more traffic.

Although AI’s not going to replace your in-house writers, it can only be used to speed up some content if needed while leaving detailed research content to your writers.

Create Email Marketing Content

Email marketing is also an effective digital marketing strategy with an increase in the ROI. But creating personalized email content is difficult.

Now, marketers can use AI to help them create personalized email campaigns based on their customers’ behavior. Therefore, they provide relevant content with a subject line that can convert and products that will sell.

AI software for email marketing can shorten the process of creating and testing emails, send to the right customer, and result in conversions.

Optimize for Voice Searches

Most digital products have switched from text to speech because of AI advancements. Digital marketers are optimizing websites for voice search. But still, keep the text-based search alive as well. They’re also implementing voice search queries that can direct the searcher to online pages that provide direct answers to questions or probable questions. Marketers can also utilize this technology to generate local landing pages based on the customer’s location.

Increase Productivity

Although digital marketing can be done manually, or some parts require manual operation, AI can speed up some of it. Artificial intelligence can take over some roles in the marketing department. It can handle customer service by answering questions and giving valuable time to humans to focus on an important task.

Also, it can automate content and posting on social media, while digital marketing teams can create campaigns that can convert.

It even puts together data, simplifies it, and makes them understandable so marketers can interpret it immediately.

Improves Users’ Experience

It’s always a problem for marketers to strike a balance between the demand for high sales and conversion rates and the need for user-friendly websites and apps. Nonetheless, focusing on the user’s experience has advantages on both sides. Customers want to interact with brands if they have a positive experience on a website.

AI may be used to automatically adjust the user’s experience in real-time based on user interactions. It is not only more efficient than traditional testing and optimization processes, but it also means that it can be tailored to each individual’s requirements.


Artificial intelligence can assist in the digital marketing industry. With its ability to collect, process, and analyze data, marketers can create effective campaigns. Furthermore, it focuses on customers by personalizing ads, improving the experience, and better customer services.

Without the help of technology, professional marketers will find it hard to work on the projects and improve the conversion rate of their brand. AI works hand-in-hand with digital marketing, and we’ll expect more from it than we see today.

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