The Future Of eCommerce

The Future Of eCommerce

The Future Of eCommerce

Technology continues to revolutionize different industries. It has created a significant impact on how people shop. Thus affecting the evolution of eCommerce. Purchasing the latest gadget or the newest release from any favorite brand is far more different when compared several years ago. The process is now mostly automated and would only take a few minutes from mobile phones or desktop computers.

According to figures, there are about 1.9 billion people around the world that shopped online in 2019. This number is projected to rise in the coming days. While many people still find time to visit physical stores, many depending on the Internet and their smartphones to browse for and buy everything they want. The recent pandemic has also become a force for this consumers’ behavioral shift.

What You Can Look Forward To eCommerce

As the new decade rolls over and the current new normal, you can expect eCommerce to take center stage. Here are some trends you can look forward to in this digital innovation.

1. Social Media

No one can deny that social media has become one of the most effective avenues for eCommerce. It has become the most sought-after platform to grow any brand. That even applies to whatever kind of business you may have. The role of social media in the eCommerce industry has always been one of a kind.
About 71% of small and medium-sized businesses now utilize social network sites. This data reveals that many company owners, start-up firms, and even significant businesses also expect social media to change their brand significantlyThere are about 3.8 billion users, which comprise 49% of the world’s population. These numbers should give you more reason to leverage these social channels. With the enormous audience, many eCommerce companies will benefit from these to widen the reach, increase online presence, and augment sales revenue.

2. Voice Shopping

Voice technology continues to rise these days. Tech giants Apple’s “Hey Siri” and Google’s ” Hey Google” can give weather predictions, reminders, and more. Simple questions have now gone a long way. Voice search has been one of today’s rising phenomena in the technology industry.
Likewise, voice-activated smartphones are already creating waves in the industry. Voice assistants like Amazon’s Alexa have become a household thing. Voice search systems have affected how people shop. According to statistics, more than 175 million people have a smart home worldwide. About 55% of them can do their shopping with the help of these voice assistants.

3.  Mobile Shopping

Over 3.5 billion people in the world today possess a smartphone. Some have already traded their personal computers and notebooks with their mobile phones. Mobile technology is growing continuously and has transformed the way people do their online business. Moreover, eCommerce has improved drastically as a consequence of cell phones.
An increasing number of people are already shopping on their phones and other handheld devices. Online shopping functionality like Instagram’s Shoppable Post is expected to grow in the coming years. That would undoubtedly encourage more users to focus solely on their smartphones. 
 With these trends, you must leverage mobile shopping by optimizing your website and online store to be mobile-friendly. Incorporating the latest mobile phone marketing trends, like using progressive web apps (PWA) and e-wallets, can help you give an edge against competitors.

4. Video Marketing

According to analysts, 62% of consumers would review a video of a particular product before they decide to make a purchase. It has become one of the most important influences in the consumer decision-making phase and will not be stopped soon. Using video in your content will expand your visibility and trigger a conversion amongst your fans. As more people watch videos about you, your online popularity and reputation will grow.
Videos have often motivated viewers to watch. One of the social networking powerhouses that is a video content website, YouTube, has an audience of almost 2.3 billion viewers every month. It also falls second after its dad, Google, becoming the most viewed website on the Internet. As a small business owner, you can now easily whip video material using video editing software like Pinnacle Studio 24 Ultimate

5. Social eCommerce

Many advertisers and operators of eCommerce need a way for consumers to buy on social platforms and cut back on the sales funnel. This idea came true as the social networking powerhouse Instagram introduced Shoppable Content a few years ago. As the world passes on to the rest of the year, this pattern is predicted to escalate. It will begin to explode as more and more brands embrace this feature. Instagram has also rendered a new upgrade in which users can now finish their online shopping without even leaving the site.

6. Chatbots

These days, time is precious both for customers and business owners. It would be best if you think and consider your customers every step of the way. Do not give time to waste by taking a long time to answer any of your customer’s concerns. Many technical advances have been created to ensure sure you can solve these issues quickly. Chatbots are a computer program that simulates a dialogue with your viewer. Many businesses are now using this, and it is expected to take center in the customer service landscape. 

7. Artificial Intelligence

As integrated into customer service, artificial intelligence will be one of the eCommerce trends that marketers should look out for in the coming years. It will range from chatbots to address customers’ concerns at any time of the day to automated messages sent to a targeted audience. The role of AI in eCommerce will be more influential. It will not only involve customer service but enhance the customer experience in general.

8. Augmented Reality

. Some brands follow suit the Augmented Reality (AR) bandwagon as the world has become acquainted with Augmented Reality when Pokémon Go has made a breakthrough. One of the well-known brands that have started to adopt this trend back in 2017 is the Scandinavian furniture maker, IKEA. IKEA has launched its IKEA Place that allowed customers to visualize their items. Customers can do simulations of IKEA items in their respective homes before making any purchases. With this innovation, customers’ behavior toward online shopping and eCommerce is greatly influenced. Experts expect this trend to continue growing and developing in the coming years.

9. Personalization

Perhaps if there will be one trend talked about in general, it will be personalization. It is present in almost all digital marketing strategies you have to do. Moreover, it can play a significant role in determining your business success. The personalized online experience will be the key to keep your customers connected to you and your competitors at bay.
Personalized content in your social media channels will also help draw potential clients. It can turn your audience into leads and improve your conversion rates. You can provide personalized communication through email, direct messages, and more to capture your desired audience. Along with other communication forms, it can enhance your bond with your customer.

10. Sustainability

Consumers seem to lean on brands that drive sustainability in their company. People are becoming aware of what is happening in the environment. Those brands with conscious efforts in helping the environment usually get thumb ups from many consumersThis drive has every reason to flourish. Green consumerism creates an excellent influence on the purchasing decisions of many customers. For this reason, eCommerce brands need to make that their methods in terms of production and promotion. You need to make sure that you are environment-friendly even in your production process. As a brand, you should adhere to the call of saving the planet through the implementation of sustainable practices

Final Thoughts


Technology will continue to evolve. Studying how people play the game will help you out with what they’re up to. Shift with technological innovations in the business sector to remain relevant to your audience. Think of ways to modify your company is gearing towards the future of eCommerce and create a meaningful difference. Moreover, technology continues to create an impact on consumer behavior. Knowing the latest eCommerce trend can still give you an advantage. Furthermore, you can step ahead of your competition.
As the year progresses and the new decade starts, you can expect many trends to pop up to help you in your businessStudy and learn about these trends, and if you think you can utilize them to grow your brand, then go ahead and use them. Remember that to succeed in this fast-changing eCommerce world. You have to be always updated. Evolve alongside it, and learn to take advantage of emerging trends.

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