The Importance of Project Management Software

the importance of project management software

The Importance of Project Management Software

Technology continually evolves, and we learn to create products that are beneficial not only to building businesses but making life easy. Furthermore, technology brought a positive impact on our lives and in the workplace. It increased productivity, speeds up the work process, organizes things, and makes collaboration a breeze.

In the past, when you want to manage and organize your projects, everything has to be done manually. You get a piece of paper or notebook to list things down and arrange your tasks. It’s even daunting to carry it around. Unlike today, you can run everything, from your schedule to team collaboration with the help of a project management software application.

What is Project Management Software?

Project Management Software is a tool that streamlines all projects, deadlines, schedules, teamwork, payment, and resources. It focuses on achieving the end goal of a project and assists in the communication process between colleagues.

Furthermore, it takes control of all deadlines and costs, brings commitment and focus to a project, and gets the best available resources for the project’s needs.

Importance of Project Management Software

Fast-track Project Planning

When it comes to planning your projects, you have to spend time to figure out resources needed, communicate with your team members, estimate cost, and more. But when you use Management tools, it will prioritize projects that are vital and establish a hierarchy of tasks.

Management tools are automated, and that’s why it can assign tasks and arrange projects and schedules. It tracks the progress of each project, and you can envision the outcome of your project when planning it.

Balancing Resource Management

Resource planning is important; therefore, it shouldn’t be underestimated. Resource planning is a vital step when managing a project by allowing a healthier work standard. Using management tools can bring insights regarding the resources you need for the development of your projects.

Seamless Team Collaboration

Project management tools are essential for team collaboration, as it allows the distribution of tasks, monitoring of work progress, and more. Everyone can see the whole project, how it’s progressing, the task assigned to each member, and which tasks need to be prioritized first. Having a seamless workflow and effortless communication can lessen the time spent to re-assign a task and finish a project on time.

Simplifies Workflow

With a straightforward means of communication, you can relay your message quickly using management software. There is no need to check your inbox every second on a message. Instead, you and your teammates can comment, discuss, and provide feedback on a task. Streamline your work and communication all in a single and safe place.

Share Documents and Calendars

Having a centralized storage place can make the workflow fast and efficient. Every team member can have access, edit, and contribute to the project. There is no need to send an email to your team members. Assign them with a task on the dashboard and check on their progress to see how they are doing. In addition, they don’t have to request for documents, since they can access it anytime on the centralized storage.

Members can also check on the calendar to see if there are deadlines to meet, meetings to attend, or reports to be submitted. It’s a great way for remote employees to stay on track of their assigned tasks.

Manages Project Budget in Real-time

Budgets are important as managing your time and resources. It controls the project and its outcome. Using a management tool can determine or manage the budget of your project from start to end.

Performance Reporting

Monitoring the progress of your teammates and the project’s progress is essential. You can check if projects can be finished or be done on time or not. Furthermore, you can make decisions right away based on reports shown. It covers reporting on a portfolio level.

Brings Customer Satisfaction

Project management tools help you and your teammates work on projects on time and within or under budget. When this happens, clients and customers will be satisfied and would want to work with you again. Satisfied customers will bring more projects and clients to your business. Management software provides strategies to focus on achieving goals, delivery rate, and the rate of success of your business.

Pipeline Forecasting

It gives a visible outline of different projects, budgets, and resources allocated. You can view the finished, in-progress, and planned projects. In addition, you can manage multiple projects at once by having an overview of all the resources, budgets, and projects.

Some Project Management Software

Project management tools seem to be effective when it comes to managing teams, clients, and projects. In fact, 77% of high performing projects utilize project management software. Knowing that it’s about time to get one for your team. Listed below are some well-known and excellent software that can bring you the features you require from a Project Management tool.


The name itself provides you with the idea of how this tool functions. It focuses on team collaboration and accomplishing tasks in no time. Moreover, it provides tools that are perfect for in-house or remote workers. You can try their product for free before you purchase their paid plans for more features to try.


  • App integration
  • Maintains security and confidentiality
  • Automates workflow and tasks
  • Gives a panoramic view of all your projects
  • Highly improved collaboration
  • Gantt-style of viewing projects
  • Time logging
  • Project updates
  • Personalized dashboard

Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project is one of the most known project management tools. It has 20 million users, hence, it proves that it’s an excellent project management tool. It’s a powerful yet simple management software that will deliver, manage, and plan projects effortlessly. Microsoft created a tool that’s flexible enough to provide the needs of their customers.


  • Effortless scheduling power
  • Organized timeline view
  • Automate workflow process
  • Share files and collaborate with colleagues
  • Pre-built and customizable reports
  • Integrate with other Microsoft tools
  • Track and monitor all available resources
  • Manage multiple projects
  • Customizable views


Basecamp is one of the best project management tools that excel in collaboration. It makes teamwork effortless, more productive, and organized. Furthermore, communication becomes better. It organizes all projects and discussions in one place. It has existed for over a decade and has already surrounded itself with loyal customers.


  • Message board for announcements, updates, progress, comments, and more
  • Create to-dos complete with tasks, dates, and comments
  • Share schedules of deadlines to everyone
  • Share documents and other files
  • Milestone tracking
  • Mobile access
  • Real-time chat
  • Third-party app integration

Zoho Projects

It’s an online project management platform that creates a space to plan, collaborate, and share projects to achieve your goal.


  • Gantt charts to build project plans and track task schedule.
  • Automates tasks
  • Built-in integration with Zoho Invoice
  • Customizable
  • Integrate with other apps
  • Kanban view
  • Milestone tracking
  • Allow comments and chats
  • Reports, charts, and dashboards for any level of organization


File:Asana logo.png - Wikimedia Commons

Asana is another project management tool that focuses on teamwork and tracking projects but it is not only about that. It also has other features to satisfy your needs on a management software application.


  • Integrate apps
  • Gantt charts available
  • Real-time monitoring of work or task
  • To-do list for every work process
  • Track your work progress with a simplified and efficient timeline
  • Integrate your file-sharing software like Dropbox and Box
  • View and report projects


You can use a project management tool to manage your projects, your team, schedule, and all tasks in a single place. In addition, project management software allows a smooth and seamless workflow, saves time, and enhances productivity. You can impress your clients by providing them with an under budget and accomplished projects in no time. Start organizing your work and bring more for you and your team.

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