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Things You Can Do With Adobe Acrobat 2020

Many nonprofits are familiar with Adobe Acrobat Pro DC for viewing and saving PDF documents. What you may not know about are all of the advanced productivity and collaboration features in Acrobat Pro DC.

These features enable you and your nonprofit to turn any document into a highly efficient and workable PDF. Here are nine features within Acrobat Pro DC that you may not already know about but that will help you create digital documents that are more efficient than ever.

What is Adobe Acrobat? 

Adobe Acrobat DC is a complete PDF solution that offers users with plenty of features and capabilities. This PDF application allows you to create, convert, sign, send, and oversee PDF files on any gadget.

Its standard version works on desktops and gadgets with Windows operating system while the Pro is compatible on both Mac and Windows devices. Adobe Acrobat DC lets you convert any paper file into PDFs and modify them quickly using the textual styles that are similar to the original versions. 

The Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) file is one of the most ubiquitous means of communication on the Internet. It’s easy to see why these files are used for everything from brochures to technical manuals.

The Standard Edition has a core set of features for creating, editing, and signing PDFs, while Acrobat 2020 Pro includes added functionality—not least of which is macOS compatibility and using preflight libraries for professional-grade printing.  

Here are just a handful of incredibly useful things that you can do with Acrobat 2020.

Things You Didn’t Know You Can Do with Adobe Acrobat

  • Revise Your Text and Image Fields

One powerful feature of digital document management is the ability to enhance existing documents by recognizing text fields. Let’s say your nonprofit receives a paper volunteer information form to which you’d like to make some changes. First, scan the document. Then, by clicking Enhance Scans, you can convert your scan into a PDF.

You can then edit existing items in your document as if you had created it from scratch. Simply click Edit PDF, and you can modify text and other elements within the document itself.

  • Convert Any Document

There are several different types of documents that you can convert into a PDF. Some examples include Microsoft Word and Excel files — and even web pages. This functionality allows you the flexibility of how you choose to create your PDF from a base foundation. So you can go from a number of different file types into a PDF and then maximize your document with all the different tools within Acrobat Pro DC.

Let’s say you are converting a grant proposal from a Microsoft Word document into a fillable PDF. You can easily convert your Word document by clicking on the Tools tab and selecting Prepare Form, then selecting your file and saving the results. Now you have a fully editable PDF within your Adobe Document Cloud.

  • Create Text and Radio Boxes 

In the Prepare Form function, you can easily add form elements to your document, such as text or checkboxes. You can even adjust your text boxes’ formatting to fit your needs by selecting the Properties field.

One of the biggest challenges of paper forms is that the creator of the form lacks control over what type of information is entered into the boxes.

With Acrobat Pro DC, you can adjust your form elements to best suit your needs. For instance, maybe you have a form question that you’d like to make required, such as an email address on a survey to your organization’s beneficiaries or donors. If so, in the Properties tab, select Make Required, and any user completing the form will be required to fill in this section.

Another handy feature in the Properties tab is that you can set the font size as Auto. This ensures that regardless of the number of characters entered into the form item, the text will not exceed the size of the box. When this feature is selected, the font size of the characters entered into the box is automatically increased or decreased by the software so that they fit into the box.

  • Comment, share and mark up

Shared documents can be marked up with comments by the recipient. Changes done on the document and comments are saved automatically into the Adobe Document Cloud to safeguard them from loss. Keep in mind that on the file owner can view these changes.

  • You can access and work your files anywhere with the cloud

As mentioned, documents in this program are stored inside the Adobe Document Cloud. As such you can easily access your files anytime from anywhere. 

This is very helpful especially for organizations that specialize more in fieldwork. You also benefit from other cloud storage solutions like SharePoint, Box, or OneDrive. This flexibility enables collaboration aspects to take place right into your current storage. 

  • Use the prepare form tool to make your form smart

Adobe Acrobat features a prepare form tool that converts normal documents into fillable documents. You can simply share a fillable form to other users for them to fill out instead of printing and sending out hard copies. 

They can later send the form back to you on request. Adobe Acrobat also features an artificial smart technology known as the Adobe Sensei that enables you to scan documents and prepare items faster. 

Once you have clicked on the Autodetect tool, the Adobe Sensei will scan your document and detect fields that can be converted into fillable areas. 

  • Edit PDF from a single platform

Applications such as Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel allow you to save documents in PDF format, which is fine if you just need a one-off document. Things get a little tricky if you have to make edits, especially if they’re located on cloud storage services, requiring you to return to those applications and individually download and re-save multiple files. 


With Acrobat 2020, you can manage all the documents from a single application, including ones on Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and others. You can edit text and images, rotate and rearrange pages, and add rich media such as video and audio clips.

  • Stay on Track with the Built-in To-Do List

When you open up Acrobat Pro DC, you’ll see a section at the top of the program that shows your to-do items. Here, you’ll see documents that you’ve been tasked to review, or documents that are ready for your signature. Within Acrobat Pro DC, the initiator of the task can set a due date, or even see when you’ve viewed the document. This feature allows each person to stay up-to-date with their tasks in a consolidated dashboard.

  • Send for Review

Once you’ve created your document, you can send to a colleague for review directly within Acrobat Pro DC. In the Send for Review function, use your contact list to send directly to the individual you’d like to review the document. You can also specify a message to be sent along with the document as well as set deadlines for the review task to be complete. This feature is ideal for tracking the status of proposals or reports that you’ve sent to your colleagues to review.

  • You Can Quickly and Easily Signatures

The Adobe Sign tool allows you to send your document off to be signed. If you need a quick signature on an expense report from your manager, you can send the form directly to them to be signed. You can also gather signatures from multiple recipients, and specify what kind of authentication they’ll need to access the document. For example, if you have a document that you’ll need signed by all of your board, you might require a recipient to authenticate using both email and a password that you share with them.

Final Thoughts

Adobe Acrobat offers multiple incredibly useful tools for PDF creation, collaboration, and editing. You can create and manage PDFs from almost anywhere, anytime as long as your device can connect to the internet. From securing and optimizing PDFs to revising texts and image fields, this software is a complete solution to all your document management. You can also enhance the processes by choosing an Acrobat Pro DC subscription as opposed to a single upfront cost version. Subscribing means you get unlimited access to upgrades, security updates, and the latest features at zero cost.

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