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Top 10 Best PDF Editor for Android

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Many people believe that PDF files cannot edit with Android. It is not valid. Also, they think that it is possible to edit PDF android files with ease. 

PDF files are very secure, and they can only be edited using third-party PDF editing programs. We have various options for editing PDF files on the Windows desktop. When it comes to Android, unfortunately, there is a limited choice.

However, keep in mind that the ability to edit PDF files on Android will be dependent on the use of the pdf editor needed. Fortunately, there are a large number of them available. The following are several methods for editing PDF files on Android.


What is PDF? 

To protect the text and official documents like brochures, forms, user manuals, and more, PDF or Portable Document Format is considered the most secure method of storing them. However, there are instances when you’ll need to edit or add text to a file.

In this review, we examined both PDF annotation and editing applications to examine how they showed PDF documents, whether they performed adequately, or if they can edit PDFs without significantly changing the existing PDF document’s appearance. 

This blog also focuses on finding the most excellent value for the money when editing, collaborating, and converting PDF files.

Benefits of Using PDF Editor

Many technical things go into pdf editing, so the service isn’t free. Many people like pdf editors, and there are a lot of benefits for businesses that use them as well.

Helpful in reducing service rates

Work is becoming more complicated due to technological advancements. The pdf editor help to make the changes quickly and affordably. A file can be easily and quickly changed into the desired format by a user.

Instant editing

There is no limit of content work in the company; instead, there is more. All these features are possible by the pdf editor’s introduction, which helps in completing tasks.

It may help you save time.

This feature saves time and makes work easier. Also, PDF editors are fast and efficient. Thus, getting the desired format is done fast. The most crucial thing is that the task is finished quickly.

Consistent availability

With simply an online connection and the tool, the work may be done in a relatively short period. Another benefit of using pdf editor is that they are always online. The individual can convert the file whenever they want. It is the company’s editing tool. Therefore no specific research is required.

It proves to be an essential piece of tool.

The pdf editor shows to be a valuable tool for making editing work more manageable. It is now commonly recognized as the most capable tool for viewing Pdf files.

Another benefit is that it works with all devices, and there aren’t many issues with using any devices.

Less space is taken up

The main point is that there is a lot more content, and then when editing is needed, it is to be done all at once or in sections. Moreover, it helps in assistance and gives a convenient location for all data.

Appropriate to use

Using a pdf editor for significant work is a decent choice. Before, it is not considered a big task due to the lack of such circumstances that make completing tasks difficult.

Improve and increase security.

The PDF editor gives complete security. Therefore, there is no need to double-check every editing process step since it delivers the most dependable work with the least amount of work. You can focus on other tasks at the same time and also save time.

Top 10 Best PDF Editor for Android

Let us explore the list of best PDF editors for Android.

1. Adobe Acrobat

When talking about the top offline and free online PDF editors for Android, we can’t talk about them without discussing Adobe, the company that created the PDF format. Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader is one of the highly-rated software you can use to view and print PDF documents, read PDFs, and annotate PDF documents. Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader is available for both Mac and Windows users.

Moreover, this tool also lets you modify text and graphics in PDF files, fill out forms, and sign them. It also allows you to use online storage services like Google Drive, OneDrive, and Dropbox.

In the most recent versions of Acrobat, there are a lot of features, but they also make it very easy to use. It conceals most of the tools by default so that you can read PDFs and fill out forms without having to change them.

2. PDF Element Android App

PDFelement for Android is still one of the best applications for making changes to PDF files. It also is a free PDF reader and a tool for making notes. It can run on both Android and iOS. However, remember that the Android version of a PDFelement can only make comments, edit, and sign PDFs on your Android phone or tablet. In the iOS version, you can change or edit PDFs.

When you use PDFelement, you will be more productive and be able to manage your PDFs on the go. The best about it is that it is for your Android phone. You can go to the Google Play store and click on the app to get the app.

3. Xodo PDF Editor and Reader

Install Xodo if you think converting a file into an editable format and then back into a PDF is too much effort. It is one of the excellent free PDF editors for Android, allowing editing text directly in PDF without converting.

In addition, you may draw on PDF, underline, highlight, strikethrough, and more. 

The program can also convert other file types to PDF and view them with features like dark themes. Unlike other PDF editors for Android, it allows opening many tabs simultaneously. After editing PDFs in this program, you may sync them with Google Drive or Dropbox.

4. OfficeSuite PDF Editor 

With over a million downloads, OfficeSuite is one of the most popular pdf editor and converter. It’s a single tool that can open all sorts of documents, and it’s fully compatible with Microsoft formats (DOC, XLS, PPT, PPS) and TXT and PDF.

This app lets you do more complicated things with PDFs, like change the text and add signature and annotations. Suppose you buy the premium version of OfficeSuite. In that case, users get some extra features such as converting any file to PDF format, exporting PDFs to Word and Excel, and can secure PDF files with a security password. 

5. MobiSystems OfficeSuite

MobiSystems OfficeSuite, on the other hand, is an office suite app for Android devices. Since it is an office suite application, you may use it to read, edit, and produce Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, and PDF documents.

For those interested in MobiSystems OfficeSuite’s PDF abilities, the software enables you to read and create PDF files. You may also produce PDF files with fillable forms, increased security choices, and other features.

6. Small PDF

Smallpdf is an excellent PDF reader and annotator software available on the Google Play Store. The software includes everything you need to browse, annotate, and manage PDF files while you’re on the road.

Smallpdf allows you to edit PDF files and provides you with various other valuable features. For instance, you can merge PDFs, compress PDFs, convert PDFs to every file format, and perform various other operations.

7. Write on PDF

The app wraps up the list of the top Android apps to edit PDFs. Remember that you can only add comments to a PDF and not edit the original content. It is an excellent app available on Google Play.

Moreover, the mentioned applications are not the only ones that can edit PDF on Android, but they are the best. Several PDF editing applications for Android are available, but the ones described above will serve, so don’t hesitate to download them.

8. Sejda

Sejda is a unique free PDF editor that allows you to edit text and add form fields to your documents. It is developed on a suite of tools for rearranging pages in PDFs, merging documents, cropping and rotating pages, providing headers and footers including page numbers, using OCR to identify text, combining PDFs into smaller documents, and much more.

Unfortunately, it isn’t ideal. Compared to other PDF editors, Sejda has more significant trouble editing text using custom fonts. Once you select the text, you can change to one of the provided Sejda fonts and proceed with your changes.

9. Fast PDF Converter and PDF Reader

Users have given this app an excellent rating, making it one of the top free PDF editing applications for the Android platform. It offers a minimalistic and straightforward user interface. All essential icons on this app are highlighted in bold and supported by clear text to ensure that you use them appropriately.

In addition, the software allows you to change the contents of a PDF file by changing it to a document, excel spreadsheet, Powerpoint, or even a jpg image.

After editing, you may re-convert the file to PDF and protect it with an encrypted key. You can also divide and combine the files if desired.

10. PDF filler: Edit, Sign and Fill PDF

PDF Filler is a terrific PDF text editor for Android that allows you to fill out tax forms, application forms, and contracts quicker than ever before.

With outstanding features like restoring, you can reverse changes and have the original document back. The program takes PDF editing to its next level.

However, the program also provides the ability to highlight text, change the font size and alignments, add fill-up fields to a PDF file, and draw directly on the document.


Final Thoughts

This list contains the most effective free PDF editing applications for Android that we have tried and evaluated. Determine one of many available apps most closely meets your needs.

Need a pdf editor? Try Adobe Acrobat PDF. It lets you modify text and graphics in PDF files, fill out forms, and sign them.


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