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Trend Micro

For over 30 years, Trend Micro has proven its ability as a security solution to provide a safe online world and secure every digital information it has in its system. Security will always be its main focus and would never stray away from it. So, if you need a security software program that will protect you from all kinds of online threats, get Trend Micro.

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What We Offer

Trend Micro Internet Security

Looking for a security solution to encrypt your online activities? Try Trend Micro’s Internet Security. Protect your device from all digital threats such as ransomware, malware, and even phishing sites or attacks. Log in to your private accounts without worrying about prying eyes.

Trend Micro Maximum Security

For the ultimate protection, get Maximum Security. It protects not only your data from online threats but also your device from being injected by these threats. It goes beyond to also protect your email and its content.

Maximum Security also has a password manager where you can store all your passwords and credit card details. No need to remember all your passwords, just the single master password. Furthermore, you also get full control of how your kids’ activities will be, by using the Parental Control feature. You can restrict unsafe or adult-content websites and their screen time.

Trend Micro Mobile Security

Like your PC and laptop, your mobile devices also need to be protected. With the Mobile Security version, you can secure your Android or iOS devices. Surf, shop, or log in without worrying about prying eyes. It easily detects threats just like its PC version.

The mobile security version also secures the mobile device once it’s lost. Locate and lock your device to avoid anyone to access the content of your device.

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