Trend Micro Maximum Security

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    Trend Micro Maximum Security

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    Trend Micro Maximum Security

    With over 30 years of innovation in the digital security industry, Trend Micro Maximum Security should be your multi-device protection software of choice. Shop, surf, and socialize online without worrying about being vulnerable when you have Trend Micro installed.

    Trend Micro Maximum Security Product Highlights:

    • Advanced privacy and parental control settings.
    • Bank and shop online safely.
    • Advanced ransomware protection.
    • This software purchase is a digital license
    • It is compatible with Mac, Windows, and Android devices.
    • We offer ESD and Physical (1 Year 2 Devices) formats.
    $65.20$75.55 Incl GST

Trend Micro Maximum Security is one of the best protection solutions you can get for your devices. It’s designed to secure multiple devices, whether it’s a laptop, PC, tablet, or mobile device. Whatever operating system you are using on your devices, macOS, Windows, Android, or iOS, Trend Micro will secure it for you.

It’s a highly recommended brand by experts, as it provides 100% protection from online threats such as phishing, viruses, malware, ransomware, spyware, and more.

Protect your privacy from websites that could steal your information or personal data. Secure your Gmail and Outlook email providers from scams and phishing attacks. Don’t allow threats like ransomware, malware, and more to ruin your device and loss your data. Protect it with the web threat protection feature of Trend Micro.

But there’s more to this security solution.

You can play your games without interruption from notifications that are popping on your screen. Temporarily disable it and play your game at peace.

Also, get safe online payment security with the Trend Micro Pay Guard. If secures all your online banking and shopping activities to avoid hackers spying on your valuable information. Protect your kids too! Let them explore the web by blocking unsafe sites and limiting their time searching the web.

Trend Micro NZ won’t let your device slow down. It’s a lightweight software that will ensure the safety of your data and device without affecting your device’s performance. It also fixed common issues that cause your device to slow down, making it be at its best performance.

Get your Trend Micro Maximum Security software only at Softvire NZ. We have the best prices online. Visit our online shop to check out the number of devices it can protect. Choose from protecting a single device to multiple all at once.