What is the Best Video Editing Software for Beginners?

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What is the Best Video Editing Software for Beginners?

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You might be wondering what video editing software YouTubers use? Actually, there are a lot of different software programs available online for content creators. When I say a lot, it means A LOT!

But really, what are the main things you need to consider before you buy or download one? You don’t really have to be the Perfect Einstein or spend too much to get epic results with the type and quality of video editing software available in the market.

In this article, I’m going to list down the Best Free and Paid Video Editing software available for PCs and Mobile Devices. The most amazing programs to make your daily tasks as simple as possible such as cutting, combining, and applying filters to clips. Below you will find lists of paid and free software for video editing. There are plenty of choices out there, I’m going to trim down our best top choices and help you decide which one works for you.

Here we go…

Getting Started in Video Editing

Video editing is the method by which video shots are manipulated and rearranged to generate a new project. It is the key factor to blend images, sounds, and video shots to make the viewers feel emotionally connected.

Editing itself is an effective tool as it sets the video’s context. The editing can also help the video or a short film with the narrative, which helps the audience to get relevant data about the storyline and the plot throughout the clip.

But how can you create a fantastic clip? How do you take your raw footage and transform it into something incredible that people are going to speak and communicate about? The answer is simple. Choose a Video Editing Software that suits your needs.

Different tools offer different editing approaches and usability degrees. One at a time, let’s look at them.

Top Free Video Editing Software

Lightworks (Available: Windows and Linux)

Lightworks application from the word itself is very lightweight. Only 200 MB of storage room is needed for a complete setup – a fraction of the storage needed by top-tier apps. It’s filled with helpful features. In terms of characteristics, the free version is remarkably strong, but exporting of file options are very limited. For most users, the free version should be more than sufficient. But if you want to make use of the Pro variant, it will cost you $25 a month for the powerful toolkit. It doesn’t have everything that the best pro video editing software has to offer, but you can get the same results with the free version.

Includes following features in the free version:

  • Maximum resolution of 720p
  • Easy to use and Powerful VFX panel
  • Ability to export directly on Youtube and Vimeo
  • A wide range of Supported Video Formats

DaVinci Resolve (Available on Mac, Windows, Linux)

Probably the most sophisticated video editor on the list is the Davinci Resolve. Although it has many professional video features to offer, it still has intuitive interfaces that many users prefer. The free version of this software is perfect if your video project is a bit more advanced. It will give you terrific tools for color grading at low-cost pricing. Though there are still limitations for free versions, DaVinci Resolve is one of the best video editing software for professionals and beginners. In the year 2019, the latest version DaVinci Resolve 16 was released.

Here’s the best feature of this software:

  • Industry-leading tools for color gradation
  • Audio editing features of Fairlight
  • Built-in Fusion Visual Effects
  • Focus on fast editing for time-limited users
  • Advanced Trimming
  • Supports up to 4K UHD resolution
  • Motion Blur Effects
  • Multi-Cam Editing
  • The best software to correct colors

FilmoraGo (Available on iOS and Android)

FilmoraGo is perfect for basic mobile video editing. A Video Editor that allows you to add clips effects, favorite music, templates, and more to your videos. It also allows you to transform your photos including screenshots into music and text video clips. In addition, it lets you mix photos and videos and go one by one in sequence. However, a short FilmoraGo clip will be added at the end of each video you edit.

Other Features:

  • Other Editing Tools, Overlays, Filters
  • Import directly to your Social Media accounts
  • A wide range of templates to choose from
  • Add Background Music to the videos
  • Best for customizing videos, adding text, topics, and overlays

iMovie (Available on Mac and iOS)

Mac users can use iMovie to grasp the basics of video editing. Beginners benefit from the functionality of iMovie, easy drag-and-drop action, easy access to multimedia files, and deft but subtle instructional features that automatically provide hints for creating and building a strong tale. The iMovie Trailers function inspires artistic presentations and provides a template to help you organize your videos.

iMovie great features:

  • Drag and Drop Interface
  • Video Trimming
  • Split Screen
  • Pre-made Video Effects and Transitions
  • Crop & rotate video clip
  • HD & 4K video support
  • Video Speed Adjustment

Top Paid Video Editing Software

Adobe Premiere Elements 2019 (Available on Windows and Mac)

In video editing software, Adobe Premiere is one of the most established names. A great option for beginners, skilled editors, and best suited for experts in full-time video editing. Packed with outstanding features such as face recognition, bundled soundtracks, and audio effects. And, it’s easy to use. It can manage an unlimited amount of video tracks that can be imported from possibly any source you think about. Create videos look best with smart editing options, transform them into amazing creations, readily organize them, and share your memories rapidly with Adobe Premiere Elements. As they all claim, you’re never get wrong with Adobe products.

Adobe Premiere Elements Feature:

  • Video Adjustments & Enhancements
  • Video Sharing
  • Stunning Video Creations
  • Hassle-Free Organization
  • Auto Creations feature powered by Adobe Sensei
  • Completely redesigned Quick Edit mode

Pinnacle Studio (Available on Windows)

Any individual who wants a program that is contemporary, effective, well structured, and simple to use will get their money’s worth out of Pinnacle Studio’s basic edition. Pinnacle Studio is a quick, total-featured, close-professional video editing application. It is made even more attractive by new masking instruments. A Trial Version is intended to provide novices with access to explore the workspace for editing and test some of the main features offered by Pinnacle. Though there is a trial version of it, I still recommend purchasing the full version to experience complete features like unlimited formats and support. And good news, It is now available on your mobile. You can download Pinnacle Studio and Pro version on AppStore for iOS.

Great Features of Pinnacle Studio: 

  • Edits 360-degree VR content
  • Multi-track video editing
  • 360 video editing
  • Improved keyframing controls for accurate editing
  • MultiCam Editing
  • Use of Video Masks
  • Stylized Color Grading motion picture

Corel VideoStudio (Available on Windows)

Corel VideoStudio is a user-friendly program and amazingly innovative software for video editing and filmmaking. There is a free trial lasting 30 days. The trial provides access to the software for video editing so you can try it before you decide to purchase it. If you’re willing to learn, it’s a great video editing software with a lot under the hood and a wide variety of fun tools for video creation.

 Corel VideoStudio Special Features:

  • 3D Media Support
  • Tracking Multipoint Motion
  • 4K Ultra HD Support
  • Fast Rendering
  • 360-degree VR Support
  • Creation of HTML5 Video Page
  • The full version includes MyDVD or MultiCam Capture Lite software
  • Time Remapping
  • MultiCam Capture Lite

Nero Standard 2019 (Available on Windows)

Nero Video plays your vids, photos, and music from nearly any device on your desktop. Bringing them to the home screen and make completed films and slideshows with a 1-click Video Story. Nero Video is a good software for video editing. With its two editing modules, you can choose which editing style is correct for you. It also includes a good range of impacts, transitions, enhancements to video, and more.

Nero Special Features:

  • DVD &Bluray Authoring
  • Nero MediaHome
  • Sharing media online
  • Great Video Editing Tools
  • Converting media
  • Uploads directly on YouTube

Video can be tailored to promote a specific point of view, convey a message, or serve an agenda. Furthermore, you should be careful to over-edit your clip. All the software options I discussed come with specific features that can improve your video.

Don’t use them too much. A little goes a long way. Of course, you don’t want your vid to look el cheapo and gimmicky that would deflect the attention of your audience away from your message.

If you’re really into video editing, give the free software version listed above a whirl first. You will never be bound to a monthly plan, and all subsequent versions will be available free of charge. But if you prefer and find that you need additional features to increase the quality of your work, you can try the software’s paid versions.

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