Why Choose Microsoft Office 2019

Why Choose Microsoft Office 2019

Why Choose Microsoft Office 2019

For many years, Microsoft Office has been a partner of most businesses. However, past versions were made for everyone. With the recent update, it was essentially developed for entrepreneurs and business owners. That is why it is a wise move to choose Microsoft Office 2019 if you plan to make an upgrade.


While many raves and lean on Microsoft‘s Office 365, this latest version is perfect for those who want a cloud-based solution or a subscription-based service. With Office Professional Plus 2019, which you can easily purchase from Softvire New Zealand, you only pay one-time, and you will have a gateway to access all the incredible tools that come with it.


Microsoft Office Home and Business 2019 is supported on any devices that run on Windows 10 or the last three macOS versions. Aside from this, you can also install it on your mobile devices, so you can access its basic features whenever or wherever you may be. Like other releases, Office 2019 comes with Excel, Word, Powerpoint, and more.


Benefits of Using Microsoft Office 2019


  1. Microsoft Translator


Microsoft Translator is not new in the market; however, what makes it worth it this time is it has been integrated into Office is excellent. It is a new functionality introduced to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Start by opening the Review section in your document, and then choose the original Translate and Language buttons. You will then have the option to translate the whole document or translate a selected part of the text. Although Translation services like Microsoft Translator aren’t excellent, they’re getting more reliable over time.


  1. New Functions in Excel


Perhaps the most significant element addedto this latest version of the Microsoft Office line is Excel’s new functions. You can do so much with Excel in your business.



This function appears to be similar to CONCANTENATE with how it supports individual cell references. Moreover, CONCAT now supports a range of references.



The switch can be used to measure a value against a set of values. It will then return the outcome equivalent to the first matching value. If you can not found any match, you should set the default value as an option.



Use the MAXIFS feature to return the largest number in the set. If you like, you can set the number you need to return to one that fits those conditions.


TEXTJOIN is a unique function that can merge text from different ranges. You can select how each text is divided by a comma, a full stop, or some other delimiter.



Same as MAXIFS, except that it will go back to the small number in the set.


  1. Superb Changes In PowerPoint


The latest version of Office takes productivity to the next level. With essential developments, you will find yourself in a very advantageous position to deliver what is best for your customers.


  • Morph

Morph lets you animate smooth transitions from one slide to the next. To create the look of the motion, add the Morph transformation to the slides. Furthermore, you can do this with a wide array of things like text, charts, shape, pictures, and SmartArt graphics.


  • Zoom

Zoom’s development allows you to create in PowerPoint and switch to and from particular slides, pages, and sections of the presentation. You can do so in whatever order you want, like when you’re presenting. Using Summary Zoom feels like a website that reveals parts of the presentation all at once. With Zoom, you can get innovative, leap forward or replay parts of your slide show without disrupting the flow of your presentation.


  • Surface Pen Slide Navigation

It is easy to use your Surface Pen or other similar product to move through your presentations in a PowerPoint. Any digital pen can work wirelessly across slides at a distance of up to 30 feet.


What you need to do is click on the eraser button to move the slide forward. Then click and hold the eraser to go back through one slide. It’s going to make much difference to anyone who frequently delivers PowerPoint presentations to a live crowd.


  1. Easy Sharing


Sharing is more comfortable with this new Office version. It comes with a share button that you can find on each application. You can share some of your documents easily. documents with only just one click. Collaboration has become more comfortable as this lets you share documents in different departments and throughout your organization.


  1. Inking Functionality


If your computer is touch-enabled, you’ll be pleased to learn about the latest inking functionality integrated into Microsoft Office 2019. You can choose parameters such as ink color and stroke width


You can emphasize text or remove entire written words or text areas with the Ink Tools > Eraser choice in the Pens column. These tools are also instantly available on Office 365 for web, iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile.


You will also love the new inking features of the Office 2019 applications, such as pressure sensitivity. It also comes with the tilting effect that changes the ink’s thickness to the angle of the pen.


  1. Latex Equations


With LaTeX equations, you will be able now to type math with LaTeX syntax in Word. The full information on how to use this new method in Microsoft Word was made clear by Microsoft.  You will locate the LaTeX choice in the Design tab. Alternatively, you may click the ‘Alt’ + ‘=’ button on your keyboard.


  1. Vector Graphics


You may now apply Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) to Excel, Word, and PowerPoint in Office 2019. This graphic style can be quickly moved, transferred, decorated, and resized without any loss on the image quality. Moreover, You will also see a variety of buttons on the Insert page.


Included in these buttons are icons that you can use to access other popular icons.  These icons can serve as a simple way to illustrate your emails or presentations or as a way to give more personality to a boring file.


  1. Smarter Attachments


In the earlier iterations of Office, you had to attach a file to a message before email to someone. There is also a need check for the file you wanted. Now, if you have recently worked on a document that you wish to post, it will be shown when you click on the share button in Outlook along with other documents that you have recently worked on.


  1. Delve


This feature is a new platform that has been introduced into Office 2016. It means that you have access to all facets of your stored records. It contains documents exchanged or produced by the Office. Delve makes it much easier to retrieve documents.


Reason Why You Should Upgrade To Microsoft Office 2019


  1. Get Your Work Done Faster


Word has a new Focus Mode intended to quiet down disruptions so you can get work done quicker. There is also a Translator panel, handy for those who wish to work in various languages. For you to translate terms or phrases, you highlight them, then right-click your choice and choose to Translate from the menu that.


  1. Easy Access


When you order Office 2019, you have lifetime access to all of its features. All of it is on your computer, for as long as you want. You won’t need to sign up online to use your program or think about missing access after your contract expires. With Office 2019, you can install it and forget about it, yet you can still find it when you need it.


  1. Packed With Full Features


Microsoft Office 2019 aims to enhance the computing experience of consumers who have previously utilized Office 2016. When you are using Office 2016 or an older edition of Office 2016 of the Microsoft Office suite, having Office 2019 would get you updated on all of the features and functionality now open to your Office 365 subscribers.


If you’re a student, leveraging on Microsoft Office 2019 Home And Student gives you the most robust office software you can have to aid your studies. Office 2019 Home & Student is coming with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.


  1. Analyze Creatively


Excel is getting many new and updated tools to help students produce presentations, data templates, and advanced analyzes. Excel’s latest capabilities concentrate mainly on data processing, including funnel charts and 2D maps. It also has new features and connectors and updates to PowerPivot and PowerQuery.


Final Thoughts


There are several reasons why you would want to update from an old edition of Microsoft Office to Office 2019. However, having access to a bunch of cool new functionality is not going to be one of them. Based on the listed features and updates in this article, you can say that the new Office 2019 is now anything from your existing version.


Nevertheless, If you’re coming from Office 2016 or Office 2013, upgrading to the latest version is a good option. It is full of new features that you will not find in your dated Microsoft Office. ⠀

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