Windows 10 Home Vs. Pro: What’s the Difference?

windows 10 home vs pro: what's the difference?

Windows 10 Home Vs. Pro: What’s the Difference?

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Windows 10 is the latest operating system (OS) developed and released by Microsoft (MS) in 2015. It continually receives updates of more advanced and excellent features. Just like other Microsoft OS, there are different versions that cater to the needs of specific users.

For the latest Windows, it comes in the Pro and Home version, which by looking at it, you have an idea of what these two versions can offer. Even though these versions already give a hint, there is more to them than what meets the eye.

Here, we will compare both Home and Pro to see the difference and similarities of the products. In addition, this could also serve as a guide for you when you are planning to avail of Microsoft’s latest Windows product.


Microsoft ended its support to Windows 7 earlier this year, which means that it makes users of MS Windows 7 vulnerable to threats and lacks technical support. With this, you know it’s about time to upgrade, and if you are planning to change your operating system, get the latest Windows for the best features.

Ransomware or Online Threat Protection

Constant updates to the software are crucial for the protection of data and devices. That’s why when you move to the latest Microsoft Windows, you get the best protection you’ll need.

It comes with a new and improved Windows Defender Exploit Guard that can scan threats like malware or stop zero-day attacks. It blocks and quarantines threats or malicious software. Furthermore, it has the Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection, which is a cloud-based security service used to protect businesses.

Continue Work Anytime

The timeline feature can save snapshots of your previous work, which you can use to shift from one device to another. You can manage your previous activity by clicking on the Task View icon on the taskbar and select the work you want to continue.

But, you must make sure that you have signed in on your Microsoft account to be able to save your work and continue anytime.

App Store for All Your Needs

Unlike the previous versions, the latest MS Windows gives you an app store where you can get the latest software, games, and apps you’ll need.

Improved Browser

The latest version of Windows has a new browser, the Microsoft Edge. It’s fast, easy to use, and has outstanding features that are compatible with any device. In addition, it’s also safe, as the latest Windows makes sure that even your internet browsing activities are packed with the best security tools.

Best Features

With the new Windows operating system comes new and improved features that will enhance productivity, create more opportunities, and even make it entertaining than before.

Now that you’ve seen some of the benefits or reasons why you should shift, or upgrade to Windows 10, let’s dive into the similarities and differences between the two versions.

HOME VS PRO: Similarities

Start Menu

The Start Menu is the feature of Microsoft Windows, where you can locate your installed programs, files, and other folders. The previous Windows version, Windows 8, replaced the Start Menu to Start Screen, but it was returned to Start Menu for Windows 10.

Both Home and Pro have similar Start Menu that you can personalize according to your needs.

Here are some ways you can personalize your Start Menu:

  • Add, edit, and organize items
  • Resize by dragging the top or right side
  • Pin and unpin apps
  • Group tiles into folders
  • Change the color
  • Allow full-screen
  • Remove suggested apps
  • Resize tiles

All these customizations can be done on both Pro and Home versions.


Cortana is an artificial intelligent assistant created by Microsoft to help save time and focus on what matters. Both Home and Pro have Cortana to help assist users.

Features of Cortana:

  • Set reminders
  • Manage Google calendar
  • It can lock screen
  • Uses Google and Chrome when asked to search for something
  • It can detect natural-language queries
  • It can track packages or flights
  • Performs simple calculations
  • Open apps on computer
  • Create lists

Windows Update

Windows Update is a free service by Microsoft that provides updates for the operating system. All operating system has an update center that can install the latest drives for hardware.

Uses of Windows Update:

  • Updates system, software, and applications
  • Enhances security

Windows Hello

Microsoft has included a biometric-based technology to enhance the security of devices. The Windows Hello is used to protect devices, apps, or networks using either a fingerprint, facial recognition, or iris scan.

It’s an alternative to using passwords, and it’s a user-friendly method if you want to access devices, services, or critical data.

Both Home and Pro are equipped with this feature.

Microsoft Edge

It’s Microsoft’s very own internet browser that’s similar to Google Chrome. It’s fast, supports extensions from the Chrome browser, and has the same rendering engine as Google.

It also protects the battery life of your device and provides secure online browsing.

Home Vs. Pro: Differences


The retail cost of Home differs a little from Pro. In addition, the cost also depends on the type of media purchased, whether it’s physical or digital.

Remote Desktop

The benefit of Pro over Home version is that you can remotely control your PC using another device. The Home version only allows starting the Remote Desktop Protocol session.


We have previously mentioned that Pro and Home share some features that can secure your device, but when it comes to enhanced or strengthened protection, Windows Pro is equipped with the best security tools.

Bitlocker is another security feature in the Pro version of Windows. It protects the user’s data by encrypting it. Furthermore, it puts your device in lockdown once it is stolen or lost to protect the data.

Windows Sandbox

If you want to be sure if a file you have downloaded is a trusted app or contains malware, you need a solution that will run and check the app. With Windows 10 Pro, it comes with a Windows Sandbox feature to run programs or software before allowing it to permanently work in your operating system.


Some people or professionals require multiple operating systems to either run a software, experiment with different operating systems, or test software that are not compatible with other OS. With the Windows Pro built-in Hyper-V feature, you can run virtual machines, create virtual hard drives, and virtual switches.

Trusted Boot

The Trusted Boot is a built-in tool that protects your PC from rootkits and keeps your system free from malware. It also checks every component of the startup process. This feature works with Secure Boot (another feature of Windows 10, both Pro and Home).

Trusted Boot is aimed at businesses that prioritize security.

Business Management and Deployment

The Business Management and Deployment is a feature of Windows 10 that’s specifically built for Pro users only. The business management and deployment feature provide security, productivity, and management for users of Windows Pro. It saves more time and money.

  • Mobile device management
  • Dynamic provisioning
  • Support for Active Directory
  • Support for Azure Active Directory
  • Microsoft store for business

Now you have an idea of what are the differences between Pro and Home you can choose which operating system to get for your device. If you’ll be needing it for personal use, Windows 10 Home is the best choice, as the Pro version is designed best for businesses that require cloud access and more protection for their data.

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