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Logo Design Studio Pro

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Create stunning logos with a professional look with Logo Design Studio Pro by Summitsoft. Get creative tools, plenty of vector graphics and templates, and more to jumpstart your logo designing career.

Logo Design Studio Pro Product Overview:

  • 2000+ industry-based templates.
  • 6000+ scalable vector graphics.
  • Compatible with popular formats, both import and export.
  • 500+ written taglines and slogans.
  • Text, effects, and drawing tools.
  • For Windows PC only.
  • This is a digital license product.
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Disclaimer: This product is a digital license. No physical components such as CD/DVDs and boxes included.

Logo Design Studio Pro by Summitsoft gives you the flexibility to create stunning logo designs with a professional touch. You can jumpstart your graphic designing career with ease when you invest in a software program that will provide you features to simplify the work process. Furthermore, enjoy the built-in vector and graphic tools to scale up the logo to any size desired without losing its sharpness and quality.

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Unlimited Ways to Express Creativity

You can choose to start from the beginning or use one of the 2000+ templates available. Get industry-based designs from professional graphic designs. Furthermore, You can add vector graphics to your logo designs without losing the sharpness and quality of your designs. Get access to over 6000 full vector graphics.

Format Compatibilities 

You can create your logos in any popular formats you desire such as PDF, SVG, TIFF, PNG, JPEG, EMF, and BMP.

Create Slogans and Taglines

Make your brand clear by adding taglines and slogans for people to understand your business. Summitsoft Logo Design Studio Pro offers over 500+ written slogans and taglines to choose from for your business and logo designs.

Flexible Editing 

Take total control of your editing process with tools that give you the freedom to easily add text, effects, and undo changes.

Editing Tools

  • Text: Experiment with various text styles such as stoked or standard text, wrap text around a shape, convert text to editable shapes, and place text on a path.
  • Drawing Tools: It comes with drawing tools that provide precise designs to edit, adjust, and undo changes to your designs.
  • Effects: Add shadows, 3D effects, and more to enhance the look of your projects.

Trademark and Copyright Your Designs

With the guidelines for Trademarking and Copyrighting, you can learn its process so you can secure your designs as yours.

31 reviews for Logo Design Studio Pro

  1. Tasnia Jeffery

    Summitsoft’s Font Management System software is a program for managing fonts on your computer. It has 750 royalty-free fonts and allows you to create flyers and business cards in very little time. For the price, I paid I wasn’t expecting much, but this program is great. I would recommend this software to anyone needing to do any basic to intermediate graphics work.

  2. Georgia Curry

    I can create stunning logos with a professional look, and I can get creative tools, plenty of vector graphics and templates, and more to jumpstart your logo designing career.

  3. Corrine Potter

    This software is awesome. I do many graphics, and I bought this kit primarily for templates and pre-made clip art.

  4. Melodie Graham

    Logo Design Studio Pro Online gives me the tools, control, and professional design capabilities. No other online logo designing product offers.

  5. Lian Nunez

    A simple but effective logo designing software. I have lots of graphics and templates to choose from. Really like the straightforwardness of this software

  6. Avi Obrien

    Easy to use the program of Logo Design. Install could be faster.

  7. Dimitri Dach

    Logo Design is such an easy tool to use. No sweat when learning it. I dive immediately to use the software to create my clients’ logo, and just like me, they were impressed with the outcome of the design.

  8. Jovanni Costa

    A beginner-friendly software with loads of templates and elements to build up the design you want.

  9. Nikki Presley

    Creating logos has never been fun and easy. It’s the tool you must have if you are serious about starting on logo making.

  10. Roy Vaughn

    A comprehensive and easy-to-use logo designing tool. It fits perfectly for anyone who wants to design simple to professional-looking logos. You can use the ready-made templates available. I like that their templates offer multiple designs for the industry you want, and it’s easy to edit.

  11. Nina Sarratt

    Although it says that it’s a professional logo-making software, it’s simple to use that even beginners can get used to it. there are ready-made templates to help in designing a logo based on the industry.

  12. Carrey Benton

    If you want to start creating logos this software can help you start your career. It’s easy to use and there plenty of tools and templates to use when creating a design.

  13. Christian Scottie

    Easy to use. I would recommend it to friends. This is a must-buy for a start-up business.

  14. Angel Shelton

    It’s good for those who have basic design skills. You can easily create simple logos with templates available and there are plenty of icons to choose from and fonts for your design. But complicated logos or more advanced skills this is not enough.

  15. Angel Montes

    It’s made for beginners with a ready-made template you can easily edit. But you can also choose to start from scratch

  16. Demarcus Tucker

    Beginner-friendly software. Plenty of incredible designs

  17. Faye Joseph

    Packed with simple and helpful tools to create basic to advanced logo designs. You can choose the format you desire and change the size without affecting the quality of your logo design.

  18. Irish Callahan

    The best tool I have. Really does offer me the flexibility and options when creating designs. There are so many templates to choose from, especially when I don’t know or have an idea as to what design to create for a logo. easy to navigate through.

  19. Leonardo Conner

    Create fun and eye-catching logos even without skills. So many templates and elements to choose from

  20. Michael Nolan

    A simple alternative to other graphic designing software when creating a logo. Also, it focuses on logo designing only so all tools are very helpful/

  21. Lilly Hills

    Easy-to-use software for creating beautiful logos. there are plenty of tools to easily use and make design instantly.

  22. Felipe Galloway

    It makes simple logos that can meet your clients’ requirements. You get multiple graphics and templates so you can create designs the way you like.

  23. Luke Lambert

    You can create any logo designs with ready-made templates and graphics that are easy to edit

  24. Jerold Bruce

    A pro-looking logo-making software but simpler to use. Even beginners will enjoy it. It is a great alternative to expensive design software like Photoshop

  25. Amanda Lindsey

    It’s a great tool when you are starting on logo designing. There are multiple templates available so you have endless options to your creative process. The interface is straightforward and you can really understand how to use every tool in just one sitting.

  26. Aaron Vaughn

    if you want to design your logo but have no idea how Logo Design Studio is a great tool to get you started with your project. You get guides by using templates you can easily change. There are plenty of designs and fonts to choose from.

  27. Trudy Parker

    For beginners, this software is definitely a catch. But Pro can’t enjoy much of it. But I still like that it’s fun and simple to use if you want to create amateur designs.

  28. Myra Kovacek

    There are a lot of templates and scalable vector graphics to choose from so when creating the logo design you need, it’s simple and fast, and the results are impressive…Even beginners will love this!

  29. Alfie McMahon

    I really enhanced my skill in logo making with this software. It has plenty of templates and graphics I use to create personal projects and ones for my clients. I get praised for the outcome of my work. Highly recommend you try it if you are starting with logo making.

  30. Jocelyn Sales

    It has everything you need from a template, graphics, and even a tagline.

  31. Lindsay Brandt

    Although it says that it’s a pro tool, I think it’s more for beginners because you don’t have to take much time getting the hang of it, but there are so many templates you don’t have to start from scratch, which I really love. It makes creating a logo fast and easy.

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